TN: 2005 Château Léoville Barton

2005 Château Léoville Barton - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Julien (6/21/2009)
From a half bottle open for a couple hours before tasting. Dark berry fruit and a bit of espresso on the nose; palate is again dark, deep reserved fruit, full bodied, some dark, lush cabernet fruit on entry, becoming more tightly wound through the mid-palate, with some of that espresso returning on the finish, with a mix of some substantial fine tannins turning a bit chalky toward the end. Actually seems just a touch more open than when I first tasted this a year and a half ago, but still an infant that should be left in its slumber. (93 pts.)

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I’m actually surprised this was even drinkable. [wow.gif]
Thanks for taking one for the team but I’ll let mine rest for about 20 years before trying one…hopefully I’m still alive when this beast matures.
Cheers :slight_smile:

I lied to my kid who was born in 2004 and told him that I bought a birth year wine for his 21st birthday. I bought a case of 05 LB. I will be 75 then. I hope that I am still around to enjoy a couple. [beg.gif]

Thanks for the reference point.


I’m just hoping that I’ll still be around when these are good to go.

That’s pretty funny.
My twin boys were also born in 04 and I bought a bunch of 04 bords for them.
As for the 05’s, I’ll probably have to drink them with my grandkids [rofl.gif]

I like to try and buy one or two halves of wines I’d like to try young, but know better not to. This was one of those, I figured I’d better try it now while still young-ish :wink:

Silverman and I bought several bottles at Costco last year and decided to split the purchase and drink the one oddball. Decanted about 8 hours, it was very approachable.