TN: 2005 Cameron Abbey Ridge Chardonnay

2005 Cameron Abbey Ridge Chardonnay
Enjoyed this Chard over the past few nights with crabcakes, baked salmon and breaded cod fillets. Lots of texture. Deep gold color, richness, viscosity, savoriness and plenty of bright acidity. It almost has the mouthfeel of a Sauternes without the sweetness. There’s ripeness, that remains restrained presenting unsweetened honey (if that’s possible) integrated and reserved nectarine, guava and passionfruit. It struck me as aged Meursault-like set at considerably louder volume. Excellent length. Not a hint of oak and maybe the faintest suggestion of butter. Some traces of oxidation…as expected at age 16. It paired well with the food but on its own, more than a glass or two felt like it could tire out my palate. A bit counter intuitive, it starts out contemplative…then straps you in for a mouthfeel joy ride.



Thanks for the note, Richard! Terrific that it held up so well over the years!



Yes, I’m pleased with how it held up. I was kind of wishing for more mushroom, umami, aged burg quality but that’s quibbling. Not sure if more time would add complexity or if it’d just become more oxidized. In its youth this was a vigorous energetic Chard.