TN:2005 C. Nouveau Santenay Les Chaumes Dessus... Garagiste Purchase

When the 2005 burgs were coming out BH alluded to the fact that every level of wine was performing more like the next level. Before I started to gain some savvy when it came to buying red burgs, I went along with a lot of the offerings from Garagiste. Actually around that time, I purchased quite a lot from them in addition to burgundy. Some has been good and some soso. I have tried several of the burgs from Garagiste, mostly bougogne, and they have been good, not great. However, this Santenay for $26 plus shipping, was a different animal. At 10 years of age, the wine is a beautiful sappy, burgundy. A wow wine for what it is and worth seeking out. Soft fruit and tannins,light acidity, aged strawberry preserves. Really glad I bought a case.

very nice Andy. Everything one would want in a bottle of pinot at that or several levels above.


Fred, IMHO drinking like a Premier Cru. Can’t beat that for $26 these days. Cheers!

Thanks for the note Andrew. I picked up a few of these from Garagiste also along with the bourgogne and the Clos Rousseau. Unfortunately the bourgogne had the nomocorc and I’m afraid the rest of those will be premoxed. Was this stoppered with real cork?

I look forward to liberating these from my SF storage.


Real cork, no premox. Wine was really singing. Enjoy one soon. Get back with a TN.