TN: 2005 Arcadian Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir

At first this was super four square and almost too light bodied - still had cherry fruit but nothing in the way of complexity, though a second smaller glass later did show some depth developing. Similar to a poor man’s Chorey Les Beaune. Not offensive at all, just plain.

With air it was a revelation. Dead ringer for a mid-90s Ecard Savigny Les Beaune 1er Cru with 12-15 years on it. Alluring nose of sous bois, mushroom, musky red cherry fruit. The wine definitely gained heft overnight and was on the lighter side of medium bodied but in no way lacking structure.

If you own some definitely decant it would be my recommendation.

The base wine for this bottling comes primarily from the Fiddlestix Vineyard which can be quite angular and shy especially given its classic vintage. It does require time to be sure as I typically bottle my wines with less then 1ppm of dissolved oxygen, explaining their shy and reticent nature.

Sounds like you made a great bottle of wine Joe (I took from your comment this is your wine). When decanted this sounds wonderful. Thanks for the notes Peter!

Gorgeous stuff Joe, not sure if you’re a fan of older Ecard wines and agree/disagree (guessing you would given your style of winemaking) - but they were beauts in my book. Love this, too - with air definitely less rustic than Ecard but that same earthiness that I dig.

It wasn’t a bad wine without a decant, just became something special with air, esp if you dig red burgs.

Pretty darn cool for an appellation bottling!

2005 was one hell of a vintage for Arcadian!!!


Fiddlestix often can remind me of NSG in terms of the grip or tannin structure and both do tend to require time in the bottle to round out the edges, often a lot of time.
I am familiar with the Ecard bottlings and would not presume to bump up to those vineyard sites, so a compliment to be sure.

All of the AVA bottlings were based from SVD so they do tend to have a decent pedigree. The Santa Lucia Highlands bottling always contained Sleepy Hollow and Pisoni and the Santa Rita Hills always contained Fiddlestix as the base.

Paul is correct 2005 was a glorious vintage on the central coast.