Tn: 2005 Alban "Pandora" Grenache

  • 2005 Alban Vineyards Pandora - USA, California, Central Coast, Edna Valley (5/18/2009)
    Explosive notes of crushed pomegranate, cranberry, lavender, tea leaves and sage, the body is soft and sumptuous but massive in weight and extraction. This wine amazes me with it’s softness and power at the same time. Fantastic. (97 pts.)

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I bought a bottle of this this Spring after tasting it with you at Pratts. Thanks for the tip. It is fantastic.

I too had a taste of your bottle at Pratt’s. It was my WOTN!

I have yet to crack either a Pandora or the “plain” '05 Grenache yet. Have really enjoyed the syrah siblings though…had the Lorraine this past Friday and thought it the equal of the SQN Atlantis Syrah.

The Lorraine is killer, so is Seymours and as you said, as good as any SQN I’ve had.

Lemme put on my fire proof suit, but the 05 Albans that I sampled (two whites, the Grenache and the Reva) were unbelievably over the top and hotter than hell. The Grenache was probably the worst offender. I’m thinking the Pandora would have to be very, very different for me to enjoy it. I was uniformly disappointed.

Definitely huge wines, no one disputes that. I haven’t found the Reva to be hot when I’ve tasted but the whites usually are.

There seems to be some bottle variation on the Revas. Of the 5 times Ive had the 05 Reva two have been noticeably hot. Didnt kill me, I like a little heat, but the second bottle I had and the last one I had (about a month ago) did show some heat. Could be a serving temp issue though. Couldnt tell you what the serving temps were for each.

My experience wasn’t bottle variation or a little heat. To my palate, the wines were interesting for a couple of minutes if served really cold but essentially undrinkable at normal serving temperatures and I would say fundamentally flawed.

But YMMV, and I’m sure a lot would opine that the wines need time to integrate the alcohol. [rolleyes.gif]

I’d like to just surmise my days contributions to WB:

  1. Iced Tea Good.
  2. Cellartracker Good.
  3. Alban Bad.

That is all.

I was actually agreeing with you, Iced Tea lover. I did notice some heat twice, granted it seems to bother you more than I. The last bottle I had was my favorite and I certainly noticed the heat.
I dont think heat really integrates does it?
Though, if you only tried it once you might want to again. I had a bottle of Neal the other day that seared my esophagus and gave me heartburn for 2 days. I dont know what the flaw was but it sucked. Other bottles have not given me mutant hemorrhoids.

The alcohol integrating was a joke, just being snarky this afternoon :slight_smile:

My tasting experience has led me to come to the conclusion that the “Pandora” and regular Grenache are two completely different animals. I like the Grenache, it’s ok for me, but the Pandora flat out rocks my world. Your mileage may vary.