TN: 2004 Tensley Grenache Blanc Blanc Camp 4 (USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County)

  • 2004 Tensley Grenache Blanc Blanc Camp 4 - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County (10/2/2009)
    Detecting a slight corky mustness…but really doesn’t mask anything. Rich and creamy baked apple, pear, apricot, golden raisins…still high toned in citrus acidity, minerals, slight alc. heat. Has some nice aged honey butter, nuts, tobacco spice…vanilla oak creme, cotton candy, little wax. Really nice, when you get into it. Drinking more for contemplation now, rather than Summer sipper refreshing. For those who like what age brings to Roussanne… (91 pts.)

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So was this corked?

To the sensitive…yes. To us nonsensitive…no. [stirthepothal.gif] Either way…the wine wasn’t masked of its flavors imo.


Was this his Camp 4 Blanc or a Grenache Blanc?!?!? Joey normally blends his GB with his Roussanne and coferments . . . I’m assuming it’s his former . . .


Camp 4 Blanc…Grenache Blanc and Roussanne blend…I believe it was his first Vintage for this wine?


Couldn’t tell ya if it was his first or not . . .

Joey usually does a small amount of straigh GB . . . but he leaves that market for some other wineries I know [welldone.gif]

Kaena also makes a Hapa Blanc which is a similar blend, though Mikael tends to keep his with a little more RS . . .