TN: 2004 Schild Estate Shiraz (Australia, South Australia, Barossa)

  • 2004 Schild Estate Shiraz - Australia, South Australia, Barossa (4/20/2013)
    Popped, decanted and poured after 15 minutes. Let’s do this backwards. The finish is remarkably long. I can still taste it minutes after swallowing. Raspberry red fruit from start to finish. The nose is strong raspberry from the minute I started to decant. There was a bit of funky smell when the decant was over, but it blew off right away. It seems to be a composite cork, but a good seal and no evidence of problems. The mouth feel was a bit rough at first, especially at the back of the palate, but after 30-45 minutes, that smoothed out. The longer it sat in the glass, the stronger the fruit. Still has time to go. Not falling apart like everyone predicted for wines like this. Very enjoyable. (90 pts.)

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Thanks for the note Jay. I haven’t had one of these for a year or two, and am down to my last one out of a case. Wish I would have had better self control back in 2008 / 2009!

I feel the same way. I think I might have two or three bottles left. Patience is a virtue.

Thanks Jay. We popped our last bottle after Adam Scott won the playoff last week and I agree that it is in a good place right now.

Is this the vintage which got the monster score from Harvey Steiman?

If so, then how do 90 pts from J a y H a c k correspond to 96 pts from Steiman?


I can’t speak to Steiman, but 90 points for me is the low end of the Wow category. 96 means one of the best wines of the year, and this ain’t that. But still outstanding.

Yeah, there’s been so much score inflation that for many folks nowadays, “90 pts” translates to something like a [u]“meh”[/u].