TN: 2004 Rhys Pinot Noir Home Vineyard (USA, California, San Francisco Bay)

  • 2004 Rhys Pinot Noir Home Vineyard - USA, California, San Francisco Bay (6/12/2009)
    What a wine! Don’t tell me this is from California; this has its roots in Burgundy. The nose is restrained with a “come to me” stance rather than in your face as many New World pinots. Definitely produced in the Old World style, the palate is feminine with notes of cinnamon, cherries, earth, and a touch of black fruits. A wine that is spherical and beyond most California pinots I have tasted. Kevin, you’ve taken this one to a new level. (93 pts.)

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There was no funk on this Wilfred? I have had this once and it was funkified bad. I had funk and reduction in a number of the early wines but Kevin seems to have cleaned up Rhys; the current releases are yummy.

Thanks for the note Wilfred.
This one stole the shoe at the Rhys/Alesia fest we had at Don C’s last month.
A really special wine. Wish I was sitting on a case.
Glad it showed well for you.

Thanks Wilfred.
This style of Pinot takes a few years to unfurl and I think the Home is just starting to hit its stride.

I bet you are thinking of the '04 Family Farm and not this wine. We have had some variability with the Family Farm Pinot in '04 but not the Home.

Hi Gene. No, not in the least. This was quite pure with real finesse. Loved it. This was a beauty.

There goes another .5% of the production!

I’ve got a couple of bottles of Rhys Family Farm, but gave up on these guys unfortunately. It was a waiting game between (a) buying the Alesia and hoping for the estate wines to come on line in sufficient volume to keep me interested and (b) having my Pinot Noir dollars run out. Alas, it was the latter. I’ve been drinking my '04 Alesia Pinots lately and they are pretty good. Not fantastic and not what I think of when I think Rhys though. That said, I must say I’m supportive of what Kevin did with his label and wish him luck.

Here’s hoping I got the good versions of the Family Farm. Anybody have thoughts on when to open them?

I definitely understand that. Our low production has been very frustrating. It takes a long time to develop vineyards and now in our 9th year we will finally have enough fruit to be all estate (Rhys).
If you have a problem with any of our bottles, please remember to let us know. We replace defects with a bottle from recent vintages.

you are so right. It was Family Farm I was thinking of.

Great note Wilfred. Can’t wait to try this!!!

Just one, to be mean, or the pair?

Nice note, Wilf.

Thanks, Kevin. I do regret not waiting. Congratulations on getting your vineyards on line; I expect you guys will be very successful.

I walked home barefoot, damn it!
Nice catch.