TN: 2004 Kosta Browne, Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast

Traci cracked this while I was out on a bike ride. Come back, grab some water and I say what are you drinking. Her response, “blind wine”. Okay, first taste it is clearly Pinot Noir, it is clearly CA but it has a touch of age (by that I mean 3-4 years). I say either 02/03 Siduri or 03 KB. It was the 04 KB Sonoma Coast.

At first, neither of us liked it. Disjointed and a bit harsh on the palate. After a couple hours open it smoothed out and came together. It is big, lush, rich and a little low acid but still a fun drink of Pinot. Mouth filling but not clunky with ripe blackberry/dark fruit, mushroom compote and a hint of underbrush. Didn’t work well with salmon but did work well with chocolate chip/zucchini cupcakes (recent Gourmet or Food & Wine recipe).

may pop one tonight to celebrate the series win over the Rockies!!!

My '04 KBs are drinking VERY well and still have plenty of acidity and body. Last I had was the Russian River about two months ago.

Yeah we needed the series win badly