TN: 2004 Kilikanoon Oracle

Am I the only one on this board who’s still drinking Aussie wines? Seems like it.

Pop and poured.
On day 1 I thought this wine was not ready to drink, it was to big, oaky and fruity so I drank about a 1/3 of the bottle slowly to see if air would help…it didn’t.

Day 2 is a whole different story, it smoothed out and there were lovely notes on the palate and finish. I drank it slowly and it improved nicely in the few hours it took me to finish. I still have another bottle of this but I’ll let it sit another 5 years, it should age great.

I still drink the aussies regularly. It’s nice to see I’m not the only one newhere
I had a similar impression with an 06 Torzi Schist Rock the other day. All oak the first night but much more integrated the second night. A nice long decant seems to be in order for these big wines.

Well that makes 2 of us. [thankyou.gif]

I’ll join the parade [cheers.gif]

I’m not anti-Aussie, I have enjoyed several aged ones lately that are drinking great and are far from the “Fruit Bomb” stereotype they are all given. I have quite a few of the '04 Kilikanoon Covenant, Parable, Testament but no Oracle. Have no idea where they are right now, but will open one up if I come across it and see how it is doing.

Kilikanoon is one of MY TOP Aussie houses for making age worthy WELL controlled wines. I love just about all of them, even more with a little age to help integrate the depth. Th R and Oracle are simply outstanding wines. So well made. Will have to give this guy a revisit soon. Thanks!

Ohhhhhh man, how did I forget Parable…okay one of these are going down tonight! Thanks for a NICE reminder! Cheers!

All of mine are stored in AZ and I only drink them during cruises.

Last summer, I had very interesting (world class) australian wines :
Kilikanoon Clare Valley - “Attunga 1865” Shiraz 2005 (95/100)
Kilikanoon Mac Laren Vale - “Parable” Shiraz 2005 (93/100)

Other very good productions :
a. Rusden Barossa Valley - “Ripper Creek” Cabernet-Sauvignon Shiraz 2006
b. Kalleske Barossa Valley - “Johann Georg” Shiraz 2006
c. Ben Glaetzer Barossa Valley - “Anaperenna” Shiraz Cab.-Sauv. Unfiltered 2006
d. Rusden Barossa Valley - “Full circle” Mataro 2005

and also, wonderful sweet wines :
Trevor Jones Barossa Valley - “Liqueur Muscat” NV
D’Arenberg Mac Laren Vale - “Nostalgia” Rare Tawny NV

Hey Sax - I like Aussie wines! Let’s pop a few sometime!

Randy has decided he wants an aussie wine tonight. No you are not alone and we still have some of this wine but haven’t tried it lately.

I think Victor is still drinking JSM Aussie wines :slight_smile:

What??? I thought you only drank burgs and champagne. [shock.gif]

According to… CellarTracker …I have 72 bottles of Aussie goodness waiting to be explored.

…and that’s my Grape Story for today!

Hey whenever you want to drink just let me know.

Hi Guys- Nathan from Kilikanoon here. Of course it’s not for me to talk up Aussie wines-except to say that we have been making our unique wines for 150 years and whilst there are some who have changed their styles to meet fashion we don’t!
We do advise cellaring our high end wines- the ones in these posts, but if you can’t wait, give them lots - that’s LOTS of air- double decanting, swirling, leaving overnight if you want, especially the big Shiraz…

Nathan, thanks for chiming in. I love drinking older (pre 1998) Aussie wines, what would you recommend buying?