TN- 2004 Jean-Marie Arnoux Vacqueyras le Vieux Clocher

I was at dinner with Maman the other night at l’Absinthe in NYC and saw this on the list for $55. Figuring it would go well with my pan-seared lamb chops, I ordered a bottle.

First bottle arrives, cork is popped, and the first sip poured into my glass. Ah, what’s this? A whiff of cork? No… yes… no… damnit, I wish it would make up its mind. Tastes a bit muted, and on the nose I get the TCA only when I stop swirling it. Yeah, it’s ever-so-slightly corked. I tell the waiter, who looks at me seriously and asks, “Did you put butter on your bread before tasting?” [rolleyes.gif]

I must have given him a dirty look, because he ran off, saying “I’ll open another bottle”.

-2004 Jean-Marie Arnoux Vacqueyras le Vieux Clocher
Right off the bat, the 2nd bottle is quite expressive, a completely different wine. I make the waiter taste it and he has to admit, it’s much better. Cakey blueberries and blackberries blend into a brambly mix on the nose, though the palate is all about the fruit and spiciness up-front, with a much thinner mid-palate, and a short finish. It only fleshes out a little more as it breathes, but is still good, especially with my lamb chops. Not great, but enjoyable. Most importantly, Maman likes it (and more importantly doesn’t give me grief about the price).

I get home and am not surprised to see that this is $17 on Wine-Searcher.
Cheers! [cheers.gif]

Well? Did you? :wink:

Any idea what that was about? Why did he think butter would make any difference? Good that you encouraged him to smell the second wine so he didn’t think you were imagining it!