TN: 2004 Domaine Truchot-Martin Clos de la Roche

Hey yo - no greenie meanies! Served blind.

  • 2004 Domaine Truchot-Martin Clos de la Roche - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Clos de la Roche Grand Cru (12/7/2020)
    Served blind by Warren- my guess was something in the 80s from a great producer - at the village/1er level, leaning toward 80 as the wine was filled with fully resolved wild strawberry. An effortless expression of the purity of wild berry fruit. It wasn’t concentrated fruit - it was at that spot where the fruit has integrated right into the wine - it didn’t overwhelm, it was balanced and seamless like a classical dancer light on their feet. As the night grew, the strawberry became even more pronounced and pure. It didn’t have the depth of grand cru fruit or complexity, but I really enjoyed the fruit profile.

Surprised to see it was a 2004 and the color was so light, the wine tasted fairly mature, but at the same time, a lot of 2004 are showing more mature at this stage. Tasty drink, would never pinned it as a CDLR due to how light and elegant it was but it definitely showed much of its Truchot pedigree.

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Sounds lovely.

I moved to quickly drink up my 2004 Truchot wines several years ago, as they seemed to be losing steam. Of course Salil was happy to accelerate that process at the time. :wink:

Yeah, I definitely don’t see a reason to hold on to them if the clos de la roche is at this stage already. Clos sorbets was similar last year.

Hopeful. Was it served on it’s own, or in a lineup of other burgs all blind? My experience is that I can overlook the greenies when I’m tasting a bottle of 2004 solo, but they almost always show up in a comparison lineup.

Good reason to drink them solo!

I pretty much agree with your note. In general, Truchot Clos de la Roche is about my favorite wine. This is my favorite 2004. However, it is probably my least favorite Truchot Clos de la Roche (and I had most vintages from 1988-2005). I agree that this should be drunk and not held. Beautiful wine with a very expressive nose, but not the depth of other vintages of this wine IMHO.

other burgs weren’t blind but it was served next to a few rousseau chambertin, rousseau beze and drc GE (that were not 2004). I’m pretty 2004 sensitive but i didn’t get it at all. The last 04 Truchot I had (also served blind) didn’t show green either

Not Truchot, but my wife and I enjoyed a 2004 Jacques-Frédéric Mugnier Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Clos de la Maréchale this past weekend which had a touch of green spice but was well-balanced and very delicious. Not “green meanies” by any stretch of the imagination.

Interesting. My only experience with any Mugnier 2014s was a young wine clearly marked by horrible green meanies. Maybe in some wines they do recede.