TN: 2004 Domaine des Lambrays Clos des Lambrays

  • 2004 Domaine des Lambrays Clos des Lambrays - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Clos des Lambrays Grand Cru (7/1/2011)
    Noted at the 3 hour decant. A muddled ruby color with transparency, darker than I expected. Nicely developed bouquet- I picked up notes that reminded me of sandalwood, Juicy Fruit gum, fresh mushroom, clove, cranberry, and violets. It hit the palate with high-toned red fruit notes, along with woodsy, earthy, perfumy, and minerally notes that developed as it moved through the palate. Overall an elegant and seamless packaging of the flavors. A little delicate in feel, fine tannins, and a breathy finish of cranberry and floral notes that lasted about 30 seconds. No off or unpleasant green notes, and still very youthful. Excellent. (93 pts.)

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All the 04 notes with no GMs are a bit perplexing to me

Nice, that’s the '04 Lambrays I remember.

Yep- cheers! Glad it was a good bottle…

Thanks for the note Matt. Keith or others - has anyone had the '04 Lambrays from the same case or same batch? I have some of this and have been scared off by the GM’ies talk… From your Clos des Lambrays vertical Keith - seems you could be right about different vats?

Sadly I have to report that our last bottle had GM .

my first bottle opened of the 7 purchased was dreadful.
the bottles were purchased in lots of 3 and 4 from same retailer (PC) at different times.
maybe there is hope for some of them.

varying palates–just like VA and TCA.

I don’t think it can only be varying palates-this wine is notorious as one of the worst examplars of the vintage problem. There are surely other variables at work here.

I don’t think that accounts for what’s going on here because I had one bottle totally free of the problem and another one completely destroyed by it within the space of a year.


May be time to check in again, it’s been 2+ years.

Thanks for the note, Matt.

Still a bit of a mystery on the '04 characteristic about how much of the variability is due to taster sensitivity differences versus bottle variation. Probably some of both.

I agree with Keith, I think it is bottle variability… my bottle was totally free of the problem, very clean flavors. To my relief, it was my only bottle, so no more worries here.

I just opened a bottle. I found this to be a really nice wine. Lots of floral components on the nose and palate. Nice balance and finish. Similar to Matt’s note. Will see how it develops over the evening

FWIW…I am not sure I am that sensitive to these GM’s or may just not recognize them. I have had very few 2004 Burgs so not sure what to look for. But hey if I like it maybe I don’t want to know :slight_smile:

Had 2 bottles in the past 2 years and both were free of the problem.

After several hours wine seemed to get worse losing some of the the floral compomenents and developed a shrill edge to it I did not care for. Not sure if this was the GM’s or not. Definitely not TCA

The GM is clearly noticeable when tasted along with other unaffected vintages

Part of the evil of this plagued vintage: is it the wine…or the taster…especially if someone likes a particular wine.

I’ve opened 3 bottles (out of 6) all 375 ml from the same case over the last 3 years; the first had a light green nettle component, but otherwise as Matt described, just younger. The last 2 have been very good, 90-91 point range for me, with no green of any kind.

I think that I’m with Steve, Matt and Keith on this paricular bottling/bottle; much bottle and taster variation, but the GMs do exist to varying degrees to my palate in a very large proportion of the 04’s (± 40, without checking) that I’ve tasted.