TN: 2004 Domaine Armand Rousseau Père et Fils Chambertin

Very '04 on the nose, with some wild herbs and tobacco. As it breathes you get some very pleasant Asian spice notes and it has sweet and pretty red and black fruits. There’s weight without heaviness and a fine finish with good cut. It is by no means one of the great Rousseau Chambertins, but it is very tasty and a pleasure to drink.

How “sensitive” are you, Jeremy, to the 2004 plague’s characteristics? I have a few of this one…and can’t tell how much to have “high hopes”.

I’m hyper-sensitive to the green meanies and dumped all my ‘04s save for a few Leroy/D’Auvenay (which have turned out badly) and a Rousseau charmes that I kept because I couldn’t’ stand to sell a bottle of Rousseau. I opened the Charmes about 18 months ago and was surprised to find that it wasn’t in any way green and was actually fairly pleasant. Far from a great wine, and not something that you’d drink and recognize from one of the region’s great producers, but it didn’t have the ‘04 plague and it was enjoyable.


I am very sensitive to 2004, in that almost every time I have been served one blind (white and red) over the past decade I have picked it as 2004. Being sensitive to it, doesn’t mean I am adverse to enjoying a 2004, which I have done on many occasions. The Rousseau Chambertin, to me, is a delicious wine that has some green notes to it. You may not like it.


Thanks for the note. I’m hoping the greenies are minimal in my bottles. I’ll get one out soon.

I was poured a glass of that about 18 months ago - it was a glass I didn’t finish. Different strokes…

Thanks for the insights, guys.

I guess I’ll continue to look to sell what I have left. It doesn’t sound like the experience would be a good bet given the value on the market.

Do green meanies get less green and mean with time? The only '04 Burgs I have are white but I do have many '11’s that I’m hoping will come around.

It gets worse with time IMO.