TN: 2004 Dancing Hares Red Wine

An absolute mess of a wine. An oak bomb that hides whatever fruit it has. No bueno.

Really? Ouch. I have the Mad Hatter 05 (also by Dancing Hares) and am still waiting to drink it but it came at the recommendation of my co-worker who was raving about it. Have you tried that?

Otto, on day two the Kirkland Sig is a much better wine. More balanced although the fruit and acidity are more pronounced than I like. I know you love the big fruit without the oak bomb. Obviously no new oak in that puppy. Worth the $22 beans though.

Veronica, sorry no Mad Hatter here, hope you did not go long on that one.

Jack, I’m glad that it turned a bit better for you on 2nd day. Hate it when I recommend a wine and then people are dissapointed. Makes me feel guilty.

On day 2 the dancing hares is still overoaked, but it is more drinkable, there is some improvement, however slight that improvement.


Funny story…Michael Twelftree ordered that wine (3 bottles IIRC), they show up at Outpost and he cracks one to take a look see. Well, we all agree it is pretty crappy. Hot, raisiny, etc. Michael is so pissed off he threatens to ship the other 2 bottles back to Dancing Hares with a nasty note. In the end, he left them for the Outpost crew to drink whenever.

Shitty wine IMO

I don’t get these either. That is all.

Will just reminds me of the Baseball All Star game. NL suits up an All Star cast each year but the National league continues to lose. This wine has a great cast but makes a losing performance.
Hopefully your Fantasy Football team is better than Dancing hares. [wink.gif]