TN: 2004 Alban Reva Syrah

Had this on Saturday night at BLT Steak. I didn’t take specific notes, but here are some impressions.

This wine is still huge and primary. Didn’t seem like a 6-year old wine at all. Layers of intense fruits, mostly blackberry and blueberry, with some red fruits mixed in. The vanilla from the oak was noticable but not out of balance. The wine was not cloying or sweet tasting, as the complexity in the fruits and flavors kept it fresh, but it was huge. It tops the scales at well over 16% alcohol, and it shows. Unclear to me whether this has the acid and tannin to hold on long term (didn’t really have a chance to nail down that part before the bottle was gone), but it certainly isn’t in danger of fading any time soon.

I don’t think this wine is going to be for everyone, but for those who like their syrah big and ripe, this is about as big and ripe as it gets.


Had a bottle a couple of months ago, and agree with your note.

A number of producers in the vanguard of the “how big can we go with pinot” movement indicated that '03 answered that question and many dialed back after '03. I think '04 may do the same for Syrah. The wines are enjoyable in the style, but a step back may be a good thing.