TN: 2003 Quilceda Creek Merlot

Decanted for 8.5 hours

OMG! I’ve never had a wine that’s this oaky! Undrinkable.

You really need to stay away from Wa wines flirtysmile

No shit Carrie. flirtysmile [head-bang.gif]

it was that last .5 hours

I thought Ken Vastola tasted this recently and liked it after 3 days…I poured it back in the bottle and will try it again tomorrow. I’m drinking Pappy’s now.

and that means what ? oh, you share the same tastes. how sweet neener

Jealous? flirtysmile [snort.gif]

Is this your stash? Or did someone dump a bunch of WA wines in your cellar???

Never had the merlot. Not a fan of the red because it’s…drumroll please…too oaky.

Yes Megan, it’s mine. I’m currently on a mission to rid myself of all the crap in my cellar so I can concentrate on backfilling great wines, so unfortunately I must endure drinking things I really don’t like anymore. The QC’s were bought in the early days of my wine life and I have no use for them now. Other than Betz and Cadence, I’m swearing off buying WA. State wine.

Cool! Kill the swill, then keel over from some bonehead adventure so Franks and I can inherit the good stuff!

Don’t worry Todd, it’s in my will that you get all my Sierra Carche.

And you know who I will donate it to

Day 2:

Well most of the oak blew off and it’s drinkable but a lot of the fruit is also gone and there’s a bitterness on the finish. Believe it or not, I think there are people out there that would like this wine but I’m not one of them.

Bad bottle!

Bad Wine!

Do you have any more you might be interested in selling? Or any other crappy WA wines I can take off your hands? Cuz I love em. [cheers.gif]

PM sent!!!

Glad you offered to rid him of these horrible wines. [thankyou.gif] Given all the complaints I’ve read you’d think he would stop trying to find one that worked. Please help him out of his misery!!!

Hey I haven’t heard back from him, if you want my QC, you can have em.

On one hand just trying to chafe your ass for all the complaining! On the other hand shoot me a pm with what you have and what you want for them. I have many friends who likely would solve this misery for you.