TN: 2003 Ponzi Vineyards Vino Gelato (USA, Oregon)

  • 2003 Ponzi Vineyards Vino Gelato - USA, Oregon (8/13/2017)
    Golden amber, ripe peach nose. Sweet ripe peaches, almond with good acid for balance. Smooth and luscious with a little mineral nuttiness. Must be some Pinot Gris in the blend as I get some underlying grapefruit notes. Actually Riesling with some Muscat. These oxidized stickies seem to last forever, even better on night two with some caramel notes. (93 pts.)

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Nice. I think I tried this at the Bistro upon release.


After a couple of Marion berry pies and finishing this bottle my A1c spiked a point into the let’s be careful range. No added sugar for me. Love stickies, but hardly ever drink them anymore. [snort.gif]