TN: 2003 Domaine de Cristia Châteauneuf-du-Pape

  • 2003 Domaine de Cristia Châteauneuf-du-Pape - France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Châteauneuf-du-Pape (3/21/2012)
    Intense, juicy red fruits coupled with a heady alcohol level and an unmistakable sense of overripeness. There are some telltale CdP characteristics in the sense of herbal notes and a whiff of garrigue, but they are comparably faint and unable to reach a balance with the candied fruit (seems grenache-heavy, but I don’t know). This tastes good in the way that a rich dessert tastes good at the end of a meal - but it isn’t satisfying on its own. For those who wonder about the QPR, this was $16.99 for PC. Worth it? Probably not in the face of $15-20 CdR from 2009-2010 that won’t require cellar space or time… I’m not a hater of the 03 vintage as I’ve found several admirable wines therein, but it really is a variable vintage (producer-driven). This wine is an example of what detractors dislike about the vintage. I don’t much like it tonight, but I’ll also note that this still drinks like a young, albeit huge wine. I won’t discover whether this wine will blossom as this is my last (and worst) of 6, but I doubt it. I’ll rely upon Clos des Papes, Pegau, etc. to provide the ultimate information about the 2003 vintage, but I certainly have no reason to be optimistic after tonight.

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I expect those who share your taste won’t like Clos des Papes any better.I’ve tasted it recently, and it remains either distinctive or over the top, depending on one’s sensibilities. Pegau is a different story. Like Charvin, it managed to keep the vintage under control, though those who really don’t like the vintage will still prefer other years (Charvin thinks he did well with 03 but it is a long way from his favorite among the wines he has made). My experience so far is that those who liked these wines young, will like them now and as they reach their shorter life-span. Those who do not, won’t. And so the argument will never get settled.