TN: 2003 Domaine Bois de Boursan Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée des Felix

I was browsing through a large inventory reduction sale at a local retailer no too long ago, and found several bottles of this for a song (I think I paid $35/bottle!). I typically don’t seek out 2003 CdP, and I don’t own any with exception of some sleeping Pegau in large format. I’m a big fan of the BdB style, so I picked up 3 bottles out of curiosity. I popped and poured one last night over a nice casual dinner with my wife.

I’m convinced that if I were served this blind and told to guess the vintage, I would have instantly said 2001. I was expecting a really big wine here, and was dreading a bit of a raisiny character, but pleasantly surprised at what was in the glass. Classic CdP nose of dried fruits, garrigue, grilled meats, etc, with just a little funk. The color wasn’t nearly as dark as I was expecting, and was almost Burgundy-like. Really concentrated fruit on the palate, but nicely balanced with floral/pepper/earthy components. Nice long finish! I think this will only get better over time, but it will be hard to keep my hands of my remaining bottles.

The 2003 Boursan base CdP was one of the best 2003’s I’ve had. And recent a recent 2000 was a totally classic mature Rhone. I’m a big fan of this house, and while I haven’t gotten any of the 2007 yet, I hope to find some on sale somewhere.

I went for some basic '03 BdB for $15 at Premier Cru and found the first bottle over the top. Still have two more. Then I saw the Felix for $25 but couldn’t pull the trigger. Interesting to see this note, and other reports of the basic '03 being better than my experience. Maybe I had an off bottle, but it was the first BdB wine I haven’t liked. Usually love this house.