TN: 2003 D'Arenberg Shiraz, The Dead Arm

Excellent aged Shiraz from a classic producer drinking really well. Dark purple in color with little/no bricking. Explosive berries on the nose along with florals and sweet spice. Deep and complex on the palate with blackberries, blueberries, and almost a cab-like cassis note, and enough acidity to keep this very balanced. Served blind to my tasting group and all thought it was younger and probably a cabernet (although guesses were mixed between old/new world). Delicious Aussie red drinking at or close to peak, but with plenty of gas left in the tank. Drink now though 2028 (current CT window is WAY off)

Sorry, didnt forgot to take a pic.

Thanks for the tasting note, Rich!!

My personal experience with d’Arenberg red wines synchs with your impression of seriously underestimated ageability.

Count me in the opposing camp. I’ve cellared a few vintages, and generally don’t like how they turn out. For the same money/time sunk in, I’d just rather lay down a red No. Rhone.

I will give some props to d’Arenberg for their great back labels, right up there with Ridge for interest/readability.

I agree with the OP on ageability. I think the 1998 Aussie Shiraz are in a great spot now on the aging curve. I have one left each of the 2002 and 2003 Dead Arm and I am holding them a few more years. I had a 2005 mag and opened it last last year because I needed it for an event. It was excellent but could still have used another decade.

Still have an 01 and an 02. Will probably wait another year or two.

Yep Jay and Bud, zero rush at all with any of those 01 - 03’s. The one I had last night was in a great spot, but felt like it had many, many years of good drinking left. Really like how these D’Arenbergs age.

Thanks, Rich. Good to hear.

I’ve had many bottles of the 02 (both 750 and 375) over the last several years and it’s in a great place. Classic tasting, with great overall balance between fruit, secondary flavors and acids.

Thanks Rich,

I have a couple of 2001’s so I appreciate the update and will look forward to them down the road.

Thanks for the note; I have a couple of the 2006 Dead Arm in the cellar and will hold off for at least another 5 years.

Does anyone have experience with the 2006?