TN: 2003 Daid Arthur Elevation 1147

After a long couple of days at work I really wanted to unwind. I came home and fired up the charcoal grill with a couple of porterhouse steaks and decanted a 2003 David Arthur Elevation 1147. We had some quick sauteed brocolli and sweet potatoe fries to complement. After a quick dip in the pool this was heaven. My Cellartracker note:

“7/28/2009 rated 93 points: I must admit that, despite the bottle cost, I was really surprised by how good this wine was. After reading little or nothing from others regarding this bottling and Laube’s trashing, I was surprised at how good it really was. It was decanted for an hour before trying. The nose was rather muted giving just a slight hint of creosote, tar and black cherry. But whoaaaaaa on the palate! This really hit my sweetspot for dark fruit, tobacco and slight anise. this followed through to the finish. It was rather full bodied with good density of texture and flavor. As a QPR it’s definately not a winner, but price aside I’d gladly drink it! It will probably improve over the next year or two but I wouldn’t hesitate to drink now.”

Thanks for the note… I’ve got an 04 that I’ll probably be bringing up to the Napa Berserkerfest in a couple weeks.