TN; 2003 Clavelier VR Beauxmonts

I have always felt that Clavelier did very well in 2003 and this reinforces the view. It is still very young,with bright, glossy and energetic black cherry fruits, and resolving tannins. It does feel more like the shape of a Central Otago Pinot Noir, but it is damn delicious.

I had very good experience with 2007 vintage of this wine too. Maybe this is a producer that tends to outperform in off vintages? I don’t have much experience with this producer though.

Can’t speak to earlier vintages but this was a very classy wine in 12 and 13 at the London EP tastings.

One of my favorite producers. Find and try his CM, 1er Combe d’Orveaux

I think Clavelier wines are top shelf in most vintages, especially if you appreciate the pared back style. 2007 has never wowed me as a vintage, but I have a few, so will check one out.

Looking forward to receiving my '12s.

I always purchase the Combe d’Orveau and agree that is is generally outstanding, although I like the precision of his Vosne premier crus.

I buy Clavelier in every vintage. I think that the wines are absolutely wonderful and reflect the vintage accurately. Very pure and seductive. Thanks for the note here.

tried a 2007 bonnes mares recently
it really reflected the 2007 vintage character that doesnt enthuse me
angular and wierdly ripened like an awkward teenager

Agreed Michel. To me most are a bit hollow and simple.

Thanks for the note Kent. Sounds like a good '03.

thank you