TN: 2003 Arcadian Pinot Noir Francesca's Cuvée

  • 2003 Arcadian Pinot Noir Francesca’s Cuvée - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Lucia Highlands (9/4/2010)
    Too young, I suppose, but I loved it nonetheless. Tightly wound, tart red pinot fruit. With the smell of wet earth and rocks. At three plus hours in the decanter the wine seems to darken with tar notes emerging. Real power in reserve here. The greatest compliment I can pay (and I think Joe would take it as a compliment) would be to say this reminded throughout the course of the night of the '99 Lambrays we drank back over the summer. Not quite ready for prime time, but clearly a serious player. Fab stuff. [cheers.gif]

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Everyone seems to have more success with the '03 Arcadians than I’ve had. OTOH, if it tastes like the '99 Lambrays I am willing to investigate it further.

I believe Joe makes the Francesca’s in a deliberately structured style (perhaps his most) so as to enjoy it many years down the road with the wine’s namesake (his daughter).

Not many notes out there on this one, so thanks, Dennis, for posting. I haven’t opened one of mine yet, but seems that I tried it at a tasting several years back. Big wine, relatively speaking, for Joe IIRC.

Thanks Laura.
If by “big” you mean structured, with weightless intensity and power…I agree!

My dad likes to tell the story of the turtle and the hare. He often says that many American wines are like the hare. Upon release they show lots of fruit and are fun to drink right away but their structure may not lend to long term aging. He says that my wine moves slowly through time but will cross the finish line in fine shape. newhere

Thanks for dropping in Francesca!!! Good to see the family interest! [cheers.gif]

Its fun to see people talking about wines named after you I bet.

Quite a wine your Dad named after you Francesca!
Hope you enjoy the work your proud papa has done one day.
Thanks for stopping by here!