TN: 2002 Prince Florent de Merode Corton-Bressandes

  • 2002 Prince Florent de Merode Corton-Bressandes - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Corton Grand Cru (7/30/2023)
    Disturbing cork that had dried wine on the top, but it was sounds and came out in one piece. Lovely translucent ruby red color. Aromatics were surprisingly youthful, with sweet cherry and very little in the way of earthy, developed character. The palate was similarly simple, such that it felt more like a high quality, yet generic Pinot Noir, rather than something that came from some reasonably high class dirt. Enjoyable to drink, but not worth the nearly 20 years of cellaring.
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I’m pretty sure much of the Merode properties ended up years ago in the hands of a distant relative, Vincent Sauvestre. Not sure where they are now.

second rate and ignored till DRC rented some acreage.

Thnx for the note.

I have some of this in the cellar. I think I might keep it a bit longer to see if anything more interesting develops.

I have one more bottle, and I am planning to do the same.

I have the 2001 and it has been consistently quite good

Clearly too young. (I’m kind of joking). I remember going on and on at a Corton tasting that our group had a few years ago about how every Merode wine that I had ever had was mediocre at best. Then someone pulled out a 96 Renardes that proved me quite wrong.

I’ve had a couple of really good Merode wines. This was perfectly drinkable, just not interesting.

Appreciate the TN. The 90s bottlings I have had were all superb. I do not remember who advised me against this producer back then, but not stocking up on these was a big mistake on my part (and on Corton in general for that matter.)

Appreciate the note on this, David. Haven’t had any of the house for a long time, but I scrounged up 2 notes, one from 2015 on the 2005 and one from 2009 on the 2004.

2005 Prince Florent de Merode Corton Bressandes

I’m told their holdings have been folded into DRC’s Bressandes now. I’m happy with this—fresh red fruit with sweet rhubarb and earth and light cocoa also having a say. I do agree with Gary Margol that I don’t think the 13% listed is representative, but I don’t agree with him that it’s 14% or more—maybe 13.6% or so. Anyway, this is quite rounded and lively with a plethora of red fruit flavours and dust and spices mixed in. And it grows on me, quickly, over the night. For a 2005 that I was far from sure would be accessible, no problems here

2004 Prince de Merode Corton Les Bressandes

Haven’t tried it in well over 2 years. I’m happy to say this is firing on all cylinders. A barnyard and truffle aromatic profile that pulses in and out with fine red berry and currant fruit and a dash of chestnut. Palate is refined and has requisite acid and structure to go with raspberry and redcurrant fruit…and it gets better as it sits in the glass, adding some coriander and other spices. Really nice stuff.