TN: 2002 Pride Cabernet Sauvignon (Regular Bottling)

Popped and poured with dinner last night. Not really sure what to make of the wine right now. A touch of VA on the nose that dissipated a little after about 20 minutes or so, but it was still noticed. Massive amounts of fruit and oak ala Bob Foley, but it wasn’t unbalanced. Tannins were thinning out a bit and there wasn’t any overt heat. Maybe with a big ass steak or a few more years in bottle, this will provide some more enjoyment. Last night, it was just something to drink.

I’ve had 2 bottles of this over the last 2 years (both with big ass steaks) and my experience is similar to yours except that I did not detect any VA in either. I don’t think that it will improve from where it is, as I think it is just built to drink exactly as you described and nothing more. I have one left that I will almost certainly have within the next year.

The vineyard crew at Pride show dismay for this note…

I was never a big fan of this vintage. Sold the last 8 I had.

I’ve got 1 bottle left I’ve been thinking of opening. I agree no need to wait on this one.

Mike P- Great Avatar. God Bless NYFD !