TN: 2002 Marquis d'Angerville Volnay Clos Des Ducs

This Ducster is the bees knees. Close to an epiphany wine, combining richness, the silkiest texture and endless palate, it is a wine that glides effortlessly yet stains the palate. Wish I had another pallet rather than just one more bottle.

I felt that way about the 2005. Beast wine. Never had the 2002, which I think was the last wine that Jacques d’Angerville made before he passed away and Guillaume took over.

Thanks to you I now know this while still having my two to look forward to. Thanks!

Impressive note. I had the wine few years ago and it appeared closed.

Thanks for the note. Haven’t even broached my 96s, let alone the 02s!

Sanjay, Likewise maybe 5 yrs ago was quite/very unyielding.

Dan, had a couple of 96 D’Angerville Volnays ( AC & Champans from memory) that failed to excite a few years ago. The Volnay AC was a bit wierd, but perhaps just that bottle as source was unknown.

In general, we don’t see much love for d’Angerville on WB, but in my experience an outstanding producer.

I’m a lover, particularly of the CdD. Thanks for the note

96 CdD is a great wine. It went thru a killer phase about 5 years ago, now is a little closed, but will come around.

Yes, Guillaume bottled the wine after his father’s death.