TN: 2002 Joh. Jos. Christoffel Erben Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling Auslese **

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15 year old Auslese is just starting to get into the real window IMO. Plenty of life is right!

A couple months ago, I read a note on CT that suggested it was ready to drink, so I had it on my mind to check in. That said, I also like Riesling a bit younger than some folks, though I like more aged versions as well.

“Ready to drink” is the statement that has the most variability in wine. I know fans of Riesling who think that anything past the baby fat stage is dead.

I like baby fat stage Rieslings too. It’s probably the grape that is most singularly delicious at all stages of its evolution. And that’s why I was willing to pull the cork last night.


Often they think that because they don’t give the wine enough time in glass for oxygen to do its thing.

Lately, when I’m able, I’ve been decanting many of my middle-age (10-20 years old) Kabinetten and Spatlesen for about 20 minutes, before serving. Do either of you ever do that?

More often than not I pour a glass, take a sip to check it, and let the glass sit for a while. Since I rarely finish a bottle in one night I prefer to not decant.

As my wine-drinking is limited to dinners shared with companions, I want the wine to show as well as possible, as soon as it’s served.

Sometimes. I am a big believer in decanting in general

Quick follow-up…the bottle remained on the counter, without a cork for two days. The remaining glass was, for my tastes, better than on day one. The wine traded some of it’s power for smoothness.