TN: 2002 Cristom Pinot Noir Jessie Vineyard

  • 2002 Cristom Pinot Noir Jessie Vineyard - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Eola - Amity Hills (4/3/2011)
    Decanted 30 minutes. While the nose was certainly attractive in its own right, the palate on this particular 02 Jessie was really the star of the show last night; a reversal of the norm for me. Loaded with abundant layers of rich, spice laden black cherry fruit but not for a second does come across as simple fruit bomb. Structured to the hilt, the tannins and acidity are very much active participants, as is some new oak, but its well-integrated and content as its role as a supporting character. I don’t see this improving per se, as its drinking damn well right now, but it should plateau at maturity for a good number of years to come. (93 pts.)

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Dale, Having had this wine last night, I totally agree with your assessment. This is in a good place and should stay there for awhile. Our setting was at our favorite restaurant, so the wine was poped and poured .After about 30 minutes it hagan to open up.
In a few years I will try the 2008. Joe

First of all Joe, welcome to the board!

By chance, do you when the single vineyard 2008’s will be released?

Dale, Thanks for the welcome.I fortunately found this board. I have been on the ebob board and wondered where a lot of posters had gone. Well ,I found them.

The Cristom single vineyard pinots were released to The Four Ladies club last November. I was informed that the Jessie and Eileen will be released this spring and the Louise and Majorie will be released this summer. I hope that helps, Joe