TN: 2002 Coma Vella Priorat-A BARGAIN!

Went to Espana in Larchmont, NY last night, where they actually serve Pata Negra, for real. I do not think I have had it since I went to Spain in 2006! Absolutely delicious. I could have sat there for hours enjoying it.

Anyways, I brought in some wine to enjoy with my Pata Negra (amongst other food)…2002 Mas d’en Gil Coma Vella from Priorat. A blend of mostly Grenache and Carignena (happy, Jose?), this wine is sensational at the moment. 2002 is not a good year in Priorat, but considering the price I paid (Wineberserkers exclusive material, possibly), it is worth every penny. Soft, easy drinking, with just enough acidity to make me believe this will be alright for the next couple of years, but I do not think it will get any better than it is right now.

FYI, Espana has a great wine list, including 2003 Pesus for Brian Loring. Brian, let me know when you want to buy a btl for us!

I went to Priorat a couple of weeks ago and the winery I was most impressed with by a long-shot was Mas d’ en Gil. They are consciously trying to keep their alcohol levels under 15% and using less new oak than other wineries in the region. The winery was also recommended by the somms at El Bulli. The only wine I brought back from Priorat was their Gran Buig.


Good to know. Was this a fact checking trip for the Wine Advocate? [welldone.gif]

Massengill Priorat, huh? Yum.

I need to investigate Priorat more. I’ve only had Clos Erasmus and it was DIVINE!

You want a few cases?

You got a guy?

Garnacha y Cariñena (Also Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah). Remember these are Spanish varietals [tease.gif]. I will give you points for trying. You should try their next wine in their line up, Clos Fontá, which has the same varietals than the Coma Bella except Syrah. How much was the Coma Bella?


I have to agree with you. On my trip to Priorat a few years ago I really enjoyed my visit to Mas D’en Gil. Pilar Rovira, owner’s daughter, took us all over their beautiful estate which have almond trees hazelnut trees and olive trees in addition to the vineyards. IMO the most beautiful in that region and one of the best I have visited in Spain.

Their wines are also very good but did not have a good importer until recently. Still they are not that easy to find in the US.

Did you have a chance to try their outstanding olive oil or 40 year+ vinegar?

What was the vintage of the Gran Buig you bought and what was the price?


I always got a guy…that did not come out right!

Hey Jose… [middle-finger.gif]

I will try to get a btl of their next level wine…I got the 2002 very cheap…what would you buy? Remember, this is Priorat…not Jumilla!

Jose - We also toured all of the vineyards. Sadly we did not try the Olive Oil. We purchased the 04 Gran Buig at a wine store and it was expensive, over 100 Euro. If I recall correctly it has only been made in three vintages and total production is around 2,000 bottles. The wines are beautiful and It is very sad that they have not had a good importer - one that dines at Bern’s Steakhouse. Have they recently changed importers?


Their olive oil is something to try as well as their 40 year old+ vinegar.

From what I remember they only made Gran Buig for the 1998 and 2004 vintage. I think the production is somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 bottles. My guess is that you bought the wine at Aguiló in Falset.

Mas d’en Gil’s importer in the earlier part of this decade was not a good one. Their presence in the US market was almost non existent except for a few stores in NYC. In 2006/2007 they had another importer, their name is C & P Wines, which appear to be a better one. The name of one of the owners is Chris Campbell.


Fermented with natural yeast?


Their Clos Fontá is a solid wine. The Gran Buig is very good too but the pricing in the US would be prohibitive (Probably over $300). Although it is cheaper than L’Ermita.



What would be a good price on 2002 Coma Vella?