TN: 2001 Trimbach Frédéric Emile 375eme

I think this and the regular 2001 are the wines I have bought and drunk the most of–cases and cases. It was about $36-40 per bottle originally, now twice that. After reading Buzz’ glowing note today on the regular 01, I had to open this one. I have had some premox with half bottles, but not the full bottles.

This bottle has developed some creaminess and the acidity has tamed itself, so it is more fruit-forward and it’s beautiful fruit at that. Peach and lemon, some apricot–lots of stone fruit, very gently displayed. The mouthfeel is lovely and the wine finishes quite long and clean.

Cheers Doc! Feels like we are sitting next to each other at the bar! :wink:

Love both of these…and also still have a few left of each, but they are hard to keep your hands off!

Guess I know what I am drinking this weekend.

I will open one soon based on your great note. thanks Alan.

Thanks for the note.

I’ve some of these and the regular 2001 CFEs. Does anybody know how they differ?

Fruit was from a special parcel of later picked grapes…they 375 has a gold label with 375 above the main label.

Will post a pic later…

To be more specific, CFE is normally a blend of two vineyards, the 375th bottling is only one of them. I need to check some notes to be sure of which vineyard.

the 375 eme

The two bottles side by side…not much difference visually!

Good to know. Thanks.

Osterberg, if I remember correctly.

Still have some bottles of this wine and this post inspired me to open one last night. I have had some bottle variation in the past few years. While not past their optimal drinking window, some bottles have been fully mature. The bottle last night (depending on your taste preferences) showed the potential to evolve even further. Really vibrant with energetic streaks of acidity and impressive core fruit intensity and minerality.

About five years ago, a group of us tried blind the 2001 Clos Ste Hune, 2001 regular CFE and the 2001 375 ann. CFE. The 375 ann. was the clear consensus group favorite, although the CSH and the regular CFE also showed well. Perhaps the CSH still needed more time, but the 375 ann. CFE is a great wine and was still surprisingly affordable a few years ago when I picked up a few more bottles.


Of course now there is the 2009 Gaisberg Riesling from Trimbach, and a Schlossberg to come, so it looks like Trimbach is finally going the vineyard designate route.

Have been popping these. Every once in a while the half bottle might be more advanced but generally drinks very well. Doesn’t excite me as much as Austrian rieslings but what does…

Was the 375eme released in 375ml? I’ve only seen 750s.
I have had good luck with all 3 CFE in '01 (reg, 375eme , and VT) but have decided never to buy Trimbach in 375 ml again unless I hear something has changed, about 50% pox in dry wines

I’ve gone through several cases of the regular.
None remaining.
[head-bang.gif] [head-bang.gif]


It’s CFE that enchants me, more so than the vast majority of Austrian Rieslings.

David let’s trade!