Tn: 2001 Ridge Lytton Springs

In magnum purchased on release. Perfect cork and color looked half its age. Ripe plum, Pepper and bramble; soft but not at all flabby, juicy and delicious. Only distraction is that there was a little funk on the nose that never really blew off. Wasnt sure how this would show but in mag format still very nice although probably peaked a few years. Having said that, this may be one of the best pairings with a great burger I’ve had in a while (cooked Flannery custom blend of prime hanger, waygu chuck, waygu short rib and prime brisket fat blend) reverse sear on cast iron.

Fixed the title for you (from ‘Rudge’ to ‘Ridge’)…and jealous because I can’t keep my Lytton Springs long enough to know how they develop!!! I buy probably a dozen bottles a year, not a single bottle older than 2013 remains.

Thanks Todd was trying to correct it on my phone and magically you beat me to it!! They are so tasty young.

Well I know that, but I wouldn’t know what they taste like with some age, and I REALLY want to! (my wife likes them too much)

Let’s do some older Ridge next time you’re in Chicago! [cheers.gif]


Our tasting group had both 2001 Lytton and Geiserville in a Zin tasting this past Tuesday, blind format. Both showed really well and on this tasting showed they can easily go for more age, 750ml bottles. Lytton received more #1 votes than did Geiserville, same flight.

Todd, you make your way to Boston, let me know and I will pop some older Ridge Lytton and Geyserville corks. 1992 Geyserville was my first “wow” wine circa 1994 or so and the wine that set the hook for this great hobby.

I have one bottle of this left. Love how the Ridge Lytton Springs and Geyserville Zin’s age and I always try to hold a few of each vintage.

Thanks for the note. I have one 2001LS mag left.