TN: 2001 Pride Reserve Cab

I’m trying to go through my Prides as fast as I can because it’s no longer my style of wine and I’m trying to make room for more wine.

Decanted 1.5 hours.

This is not the same Pride Reserve I had years ago…that wine almost had a Bordeaux style to it where this does not, however despite it being a big wine, it’s well balanced and rather enjoyable. I doubt it will get any better so drink em if you have em. 92 points

No longer a buyer of the Pride reserves. The taste like Mollen’s and Flemming’s posted pictures when young. Give them five years and you get this.

Interesting post Steve.

I too feel the milleneum has brought change to this label.
Unless all our palates have shifted—unlikely.

I have had one flawed bottle (horribly corked) and one stellar example. This seems to fall in the middle.

As others have said, I am no longer buying any Pride wines…but I still like what Bob is doing at other ventures.

The wines 07 Pride wines that Todd and I tasted were quite good. I bought six of the Cab Franc that is my norm.

I was talking to Bob Foley at the Telluride Wine Fest while he was pouring me a Petite Syrah…he must have seen the look on my face when I tasted it and said …“Well it sells.”