TN: 2001 Ponsot Clos St. Denis Cuvée Vieilles Vignes.

pop and pour. No sediment. Filled almost to the cork. Bought on release. Unbelievably good. Dense in color belying its age, a powerful bouquet of fruit, chocolate, a little licorice, very dark blue fruit, all following through on the palate. Very thick but soft, great intensity and obviously low yield old vines, endless finish. Damn good.

Thanks Alan.

When Ponsot is on, it is on.

Love blue fruits!!

I opened one of only 333 bottles of 1993 Clos St Denis VV over the weekend. It was corked to hell. Made me sort of wish that he’d adopted his fancy plastic suppository corks a decade earlier.

Yep, usually one barrel but not always. Very often a great wine…

The 1988 - rescued from the dump bin at Bassins years ago - is one of the most delicious burgs I have ever had the privilege to drink.

Alan - thanks for the notes. How would you compare Ponsot’s CSD vs his CDLR?

Ponsot is so variable and I haven’t had enough of either to comment with any authority. He does well in off years, big misses other times. 90 and 00 great with CdlR, 95 and 96 lousy. Haven’t had much CSD—hard to find.

This is the most complimentary note I’ve ever seen you make on ponsot. I hate the closures as you do, but I think I like the wines more than you do. Especially out of large format. I think they often do well in cooler years since they tend to harvest later and de stem completely.

Great to hear. Have had a hard time finding this wine until this year, was finally able to pick up some odd bottles of 10/12/14.

Great note. This was a wine blown out by Winex when burgundy was affordable. Still have a mag and a couple bottles.