TN: 2001 Kuleto cab

Upon opening, very chalky and drying. Into the decanter for 90 minutes and the air worked wonders. Very vibrant fruit with a big structure underlying it. Lots of blackberry with some higher toned fruit just behind it. Very rich midpalate, but a slightly clipped finish.

Still a lot of wood and tannin on the finish, which makes me think it needs more time to integrate. There is plenty of fruit to go, so it has time to allow that to happen. This was my last bottle though, and probably drank too soon.

Enjoyed the 04 Kuleto, thanks to a note from Mike P. Thanks for the TN Bruce.

I never had the 01 myself, at least I don’t think so??? :slight_smile:
Thanks for the note.

I bought a bunch of Kuleto based on Mike Pobega’s say so…loved them all.