TN: 2001 Joseph Drouhin Beaune 1er Cru Clos des Mouches Rouge

I find that Drouhin Mouches red and white are sweet spot Burgundys for me. Wines I continue to seek without hesitation.

  • 2001 Joseph Drouhin Beaune 1er Cru Clos des Mouches Rouge - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Beaune 1er Cru (2/9/2014)
    Decanted for 90 mins. Still young, but beginning to drink. Beginning to show some secondary aromas of earth and mushroom. Fruit leans to the dark spectrum, but it’s also cool and slightly thin. Low acid. Fairly one dimensional right now. Good. Perhaps better in a few years, though, I’ve drunk very little '01 red Burg lately.

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Thanks for the note Dennis. This is one of my favorites every year.

Talking of mouches, I thought the pavillon mouches Blanc was superb at the 12 ep tastings a few weeks ago.

It ages really well too…

Thanks for the comments, guys.
Agreed on the aging.
I’ve actually yet to taste one < 10, so I really don’t know how they show young.
I’m ok with that.

Dennis, some youthful exploration can be fun with these. The 2010 was very tasty last year, as was the 08 shortly after release (and probably shut down now). I’ve had mixed luck with the '01s. Some have been funky (brett) while some have been quite attractive. Bought the 01 near release for $35. It’s hard for me not to hesitate at the '11 price of $90.


Love these wines but I’ve been priced out unfortunately.

Thanks, Dennis. I bought a couple of magnums of the 2006 at PC blowout prices ($60?), and your note helps me to calibrate a drinking window for them.

That’s a nice price.
I am with you guys on price, I won’t touch these now at $100+
Thankfully, backfilling is an option if you poke around.

Take a short road-trip and open one with me - in ten years or so :slight_smile:

Are you in Atlanta, by the way. Jon Stewart skewered the mayor on his handling of the snow storm.

'01 was a hail vintage in the CdB - this is one of my favorite bottlings in the CdB but haven’t had the '01 - I know that Volnay suffered from the hail that year and the wines aren’t to their usual standards. Don’t know about Beaune. The '78, '83, '85, '93, '96 and '99s of this are all great. I thought the '90 was a little bit roasted, but certainly a good wine.

Anyone tried the 96 recently?

Within the last year or so. Excellent.

I’m a big fan of '96s, in general, I’d like to try the Mouches.
Need to track one down.
Forgot about the hail in '01. Thanks for that info.