TN: 2001 Joh. Jos. Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel

AP #22-02, from a full bottle decanted a few hours in advance. A quick taste right after it was opened seemed monolithic and immensely sweet. A few hours of air turned it into one of the most compelling and thrilling Rieslings I’ve encountered in some time. The nose and palate are a spectrum of flavour, fruits ranging from tarter and more classic citrus and apples to riper melon and peachy notes, sweeter floral and honeyed accents, and a vivid slate and stony mineral base that’s an incredible contrast to the layers of bright, sweet fruit. There’s incredible intensity to the flavours on the palate, yet it’s remarkably light and focused with powerful acids balancing the sweetness, and a finish that still resonated several minutes after each sip. A monumental Riesling, still very young right now, and this has years - decades probably - ahead, though even now it’s an incredible experience. One of the very best wines I’ve had. Thanks Alex.


I would be tempted to open one if it didn’t require an archaeological dig to get to my bottles.

Sounds excellent!

I’ve had this twice and salil’s not is only a slight exagerration. Its a stupendous wine. The auction auslese isn’t half bad either.

This is one of the best rieslings I’ve ever had. My last tasting note had but one word: ethereal.

Prum 01s are amazing.

Drank a 95 GK over the last two nights. Awesome.

Thanks for the great note. What did you/would you drink this with? Or is it best by itself?

Any delicate fish dish
Clam Chowder
Vietnamese food (Bun Bo Nung)

I’ve had it a few times…it was a steal at the release price. It’s climbing north of $100 now though…I’d rather invest in the younger vintages.

Most of the GKAs are in the vicinity of $100/bt now. To me, paying the extra $10-20 to get '01 + aging is worth it.

Thanks for the note on this

Great note Salil. Hope you are doing well.

It’s all about provenance.