TN: 2001 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Romanée St. Vivant

Pop and poured only 2 hours after purchase.

This was amazing right out of the botttle. The gorgeous vosne spice filled the glass and expanded during the 2 hours that we enjoyed this over some roast chicken.

We saved half for the next day to see if it would be even better standing it up for sediment and giving it additional air. It wasn’t. While the nose was still as good as the night before, the palate was a bit more thin and acidic. Paired with a pan seared porterhouse and mushrooms the second night.

This particular bottle is in a sweet spot right now.

  • 2001 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Romanée St. Vivant - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Romanée St. Vivant Grand Cru (7/6/2017)
    Pop and pour. Wow. This is not a step down from the 1997 La Tache a few nights prior. An explosive nose of spice and mix of red and black fruits. A hint of animale developed after about 30 minutes. The palate is silky, long, persistent, and perfumed. Impressive weight. Lacks the refinement of the 97 La Tache but makes up for it in sheer pleasure.

Saved half for the next day. While the nose is as good as the night before, the palate is less lush and silky and the fruit has thinned out a bit.

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one of the best recent DRC RSVs, IMO. Hardly ever see it for sale. Way more open than LT 01. Thanks.

While these are well out of my comfort zone price-wise…it’s still really nice to see the notes, and how others plan to drink & treat their wines. Thank you for sharing…

Alan, good to know. You just saved the life of a too young 01 LT.

What about the Richebourg, GE, and Ech? Any of them as open as the RSV?

Thanks for the notes. Sounds wonderful.

I’m curious – did you refrigerate it or leave it out?

Refrigerate with cork on.

no data points.

A stunning bottle of wine Fred. Had one in January that near perfection.

I had the 2001 RSV few times. Really stunning.