TN: 2000 Produttori Barbaresco Riserva Ovello

So I’m on a little bit of a 2000 Produttori kick here, what with drinking the Moccagatta last night and following up with the Ovello, which may be my favorite vineyard in the Produttori stable, tonight. This wine is lighter color-wise in the glass than the Moccagatta, with a more pronounced nose of mentholated cherry fruit. Also more open on the palate - this still has years to go, yet I could understand someone finding this right in their wheelhouse right now, with sweet cherry fruit, menthol, a small dash o’ barnyard and a very nice and lengthy finish - only at the very end of said finish do the tannins finally rear their collective head and finish slightly drying on the tongue, but make no mistake, this is drinking well at nine years of age. Bottle # 10846 of 14986, 14% alcohol.

Funny that you mention the 00 O being in someone’s wheelhouse,Bob.
I’ve been dipping into this Ovello occasionally with you over the past 2 years and yeah,with some air it has shown great pleasure and consistency.Nice to follow its evoultion,eh?
I think we bought these for around $30,back in the day,so what’s not to like!

$30? I thought it was more like $40, but that may be the '01 vintage I’m thinking about. With Rico’s recent notes on various '99’s showing well, I figured why not check out a couple 2000’s to see where they are at.