TN: 2000 Joseph Roty Gevrey Chambertin 1er Les Fontenys

TN: 2000 Joseph Roty Gevrey Chambertin 1er Les Fontenys. I have finally decided that I simply hate what I assume is this estate’s use of wood. It’s absurd. With a few exceptions occasionally found in some (and only some) of the Marsannays bottlings, I regularly find a hard drying finish on the end of what would otherwise be a lovely underlying wine. I know 2000 is not the juiciest vintage, but there is some lovely fruit underneath the raw wood that I do not think will ever be allowed to shine. A shame – I think this wine is serving a life term. Pardon me…I have to find the tweezers to remove the splinters. $42. 80 points.

Any thoughts?

i have only tried the marsannay wines but all i got was oak…

This cuvee is much more problematic. With a few hours of air, the impression of raw wood has morphed into charred wood. This is a massive dissapointment.

In my experience the Roty wines are particularly bad/show the effects of overoaking in lighter vintages. In good ones they eventually integrate but in 1997 or 2000, feh…

Good to know, Jay. Still, I don’t understand the theory of the winemaking.

I’ve had some very, very good ones but also some egregiously bad ones. Not a producer I buy any more.

I still have one or two bottles of 1993 Fontenys which was a very good vintage for them.

yep - they are on my “no mas” list unless I see the Marsannay discounted in a fruity vintage.

Joseph Roty was a heavy smoker, died of throat cancer. Bet the smoking dulled his palate and he overoaked. I used to like the Griotte. Son now is winemaker, haven’t tried the more recent wines, got too costly.

I didn’t even know they made a Griotte. I’ve found that everything is over-oaked until you get to the Charmes and the Mazy. with age, I’ve had some very nice examples (93, 95). 1990 was somewhat raisiny.

I like his Marsannay a lot. IMO the best Marsannay available. But they need some time.