TN: 2000 Fevre Valmur

unbelievably young, drinking this is like balancing razor blades on the tongue. Valmur has incredible minerality and this bottle epitomizes that–crazy stony acidic citrus zest, this is a superb bottle nowhere near its peak, tastes like a two year old Chablis. Would need more layers to be profound, but with time, perhaps. This is pretty darn good wine. Rated 1 on the Zanotti binary system.

Wow! That’s why I continue to drink Fevre pox or not…to find the gems like that!!

Yeah a 2002 Fevre Clos last year was a complete wine experience

Good to hear as I haven’t touched my case yet!

Loved the '00 Fevre wines on release and I have had mostly a good run with them. Glad to hear the Valmur is showing well Alan.

I didn’t buy any 2000 Fevre Valmur, but the les Clos and Bougros have been excellent. And not one oxidized bottle out of a couple cases.

I’m sat here with my head in my hands over whether to bother pulling my case of 2008 Valmur from bond or to write it off as oxidised without paying the tax.

Some might consider that pretty brave Dan although the only poxed Fevre I have had [and we drink quite a lot of Domaine William Fevre] was a 2000 Bougros Cote Bouguerots which was immediately replaced by the Wine Society.

OTOH Fevre recognised they had a random pox problem and decided that the way to fix it was to return their SO2 practices closer to previous levels, install a new bottling line to, among other things, minimise entrained oxygen and to switch, finally, to 100% DIAM closures.

Good luck with your case [Wine Society?] and you surely owe it to yourself to try the first bottle after 15 years of patience - even if you decide the rest are good for another 15. [cheers.gif]

I just took the view they only cost me £28 each all in so if they’re shot then so be it. No point drinking them too young either way. I did have Octavian send me some photos last year though and the colours all looked fine so fingers crossed. Was planning to try them in the next year or so.