TN: 2000 Bruno Giacosa Barbaresco Santo Stefano (Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barbaresco)

If there is one small upside to this bizarre situation we are all currently going through, it’s that I am drinking well since I started cocooning ;^)

Really expansive on the palate - in a word, gorgeous! Or maybe simply delicious, which is two words ;^)

Balance is impeccable here - in a vintage where so many winemakers released wines that eventually betrayed the heat, it’s a real tribute to Bruno & Dante that they were able to produce such a nuanced wine.

While it’s hard for me to conceive that this wine could drink any better than it is today, it also shows no sign of any decline, so who am I to say that this can’t get better in another five years.

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So now you break out the good stuff!! Looking forward to a more normal dinner together…as soon as practical.


I hear 'ya - and definitely worry about the local restaurants and how they will make it through this.

Drinking well in the neighborhood!
Sounds beautiful. Have you had any of Giacosa’s 2001s recently?

Hope you are doing well Bob.

Thanks for the fine note.

I agree the '00 Giacosa are pretty delicious. I love their sappy, fleshy aspects coupled with the depth and as you said nuance. One of the few producers that I think made the best of that vintage. I don’t doubt that they will last, but as you said, why wait on these (maybe with the exception of the Falletto red label). They are in the slot right now. There is something to be said for passive pleasure, especially at this time in history.

Thanks for sharing, and I might steer clear of dinner with that the Trimpi guy, a little suspect. :slight_smile:

Rich is definitely a shady character. OTOH, Joanne is first class, so one must take the good with the bad, I guess [wow.gif]

Markus, I haven’t tried a 2001 in a while. The last time I tried the Le Rocche Riserva it was painfully young. I seem to recall Ken V, one of the leading Giacosocialogists of our time, telling me at dinner a few years back that the white label Falletto Barolo was drinking well, but I have no “hands-on” experience at this point. Off-topic, but the last time I tried them, both the '99 and 2001 Giacomo Conterno Barolo CF were drinking very young.

She’s a “keeper”.

And still hanging in there despite being subjected to you two. [cheers.gif]


Will be having the 2001 Giacosa Falletto white label tomorrow night, so if I remember, will give a report.

Please do. I have one left that I plan on opening soon

2001 Giacosa Barolo Falletto–Double decanted 3 1/2 hours ahead. Darkish red. Pretty explosive dark red fruit on the nose, with a dollop of balsamic, and light tar, a bit of underbrush. The fruit is pretty ripe (my daughter claimed a whiff of ripe banana), but not overly so. Palate is sweet and seamless, moderate weight, with nice length, great balance. Tannins seem fully integrated to the point of being unnoticed. This is wide open for business now as far as I’m concerned.

Thanks for the note John


I had this about 6 weeks ago, and agree completely with your assessment and agree with John’s, except for the ripeness comment. I was pleasantly surprised, given the vintage, of a lack of overt ripeness. And, as with may Giacosa wines, the balance, freshness, and intensity on the palate were present.