TN: 1999 Domaine Pierre Guillemot Savigny-les-Jarrons

Time has treated this wine well.

Much improved since last drank in 2011. As in the past, medium intensity nose of tart red fruits. But the palate! An array of tart and sweet red fruits, balanced by earth, bracing acidity and still a fair amount of tannin. Finish lingers on before finally ending in a bit of heat. Finally mature but we’re hardly drinking this too old.

Thanks for the note, it sounds mostly successful! I haven’t held on to any Guillemot for that long, but have many in the cellar, including an '02 Serpentieres. I think the only Jarrons present is some '09.

I had been told/warned that wines by Guillemot take quite awhile to come around. Drinking it last night drove that point home. This stuff was kinda harsh back in '08 (according to my notes) and not particularly soft or appealing in '11. I had forgotten I had a couple of bottles tucked away so pulled it up.