TN: 1999 Domaine Pavelot (Jean-Marc et Hugues) Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Cru La Dominode

Enjoyed this one from Pavelot last night, though it’s just starting to o show, really… Dominiode is prob my fave slb.

  • 1999 Domaine Pavelot (Jean-Marc et Hugues) Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Cru La Dominode - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Cru (8/7/2016)
    Decanted for 30 mins. Still very youthful. Laser like presence of tart, compact fruit on the palate. Hints of Asian spice and cranberry. At hour two, the wine really fleshes out, more dark fruit and rounded, sweet spice fills out the palate. Turns really terrific, but it’s poised for a longer life. Healthy Decant if you drink now.

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Oh, this sounds nice! These Pavelots seem ready for the long haul. Glad it opened up for you. I have some 02 which I will let slumber for a while after reading your note.


I’ve been buying these since the '08 vintage. I guess I should transfer them to my LONG term storage. I’m getting too old for buying contemporary vintages.
Thanks for the TN! I need to trade for some older wines.

Doug- Pavelot is a consistent buy fro me, at least older ones these days. Hadn’t checked on one in a while, and I’ve not drank many 99s lately, but this is poised for further development. Very structured still.

Warren-yes, look for some back vintage stuff. That’s really all I buy anymore in red Burgundy.

Pavelot is not necessarily one you need to wait on forever–I think 01 and 02 are fine to enjoy now. 99 is one of the best recent vintages, and will go for quite a while, but is beautiful now as long as it gets and hour or two of air. 96 is a child of the vintage and is the most structured of their wines that I’ve ever had. many tasting notes on cellar tracker say it’s over the hill, but it just needs plenty of air.

The 02 Pavelot Dominode has been drinking very nicely for the last year.

Where is “La Dominode” in Savigny-lès-Beaune?
According to the Pevelot, it looks like it is identical to Les Jarrons.


Others know far more than me on this, but I always thought Dominode was part of Jarrons.

Bingo. Dominode is a sweet spot parcel within the parcel, in the Haut Jarrons.
Fwiw, Hugues refinement of the wines has really polished the style quite a bit over the past 15 years, such that speaking about the wines from '99/'01/'02 isn’t totally analogous to the wines that are made today, for example.
The '14s absolutely shattered my expectations of a hail damaged, firmer tannin vintage, as they are such beautiful, friendly, and charming wines. Everybody was a bit surprised, I think. It would be a mistake to think you had to lock the wines away for any long period of time.
It is always important to keep in the mind the dynamic evolution of winegrowing/winemaking in Burgundy (and elsewhere) that is an ongoing, fluid process, rather than a fixed static repetition of what has been done in the past. A LOT has changed in Burgundy in the past 20 years. Hell, sorting tables only became common in the 90s…!!
Gross commercial disclaimer: my Pavelot '14 offer will be out this week.

I buy Pavelot most every vintage also. I recently bought a case of 07 Dominode for a song and think they are drinking pretty well, certainly no rush though. I opened an 02 last month and it was pretty tight. I’ll guess another five years or so to pop another. [cheers.gif]

I too wouldn’t underestimate Pavelot wines with age. However, we recently opened a 2009 Aux Gravains that was youthfully accessible and easy drinking. I’m often reluctant to open (expensive) red burgundy “before it’s ready,” but that’s the beauty of Savigny - excellent pleasure to guilt ratio!

Nice note, thanks! Also my favorite album.

Anyone think the 05 domino de is in a different style than the 02s/01s? Seemed a lot more masculine than I expected, (I know it’s too young but wanted to check in on it)

Eighteen months old, so free to view. Interesting to ‘position’ Dominode.

Thanks, Bill!
Great info.

Thank you. Dominode is not in the cadastre, so it is not a lieux-dit. Does someone know where it exactly in in Jarrons?

My report, linked above, tells you Charlie…
Dominode IS an official climat 6.7193 ha in the lieu dit of Les Jarrons (not hautes jarrons), according to Climats et lieu-dits des grand vignobles de bourgogne. I’ve always found the Bruno Clair and Pavelot explanations to a little conflicting…

Nice. Pricier now but continues to over deliver.

I just grabbed the 05 Les Peuillets from the locker.