TN: 1999 d'Angerville Clos des Ducs

with time the wine opened and really starting singing with fresh ripe red fruits. Super texture and layers of flavor, lots of depth. Tannins aren’t resolved but are clean and ripe, leaving a twang on the finish that refreshes and reverberates. It begs for another decade. Today it only hints at potential. If you only have a couple, wait. It is a big Volnay.

Guess I better put my 2014 back on the shelf for old age.

your kids will toast you when they drink it.

We had a nice 1993 at Carré des Feuillants in October, but it was pretty big too.

I’m a big 1999 CdB fan, but a number of wines still are not ready yet. Volnay for me can often take a long time to mature, but I find it interesting to have a year where a Beaune clos des Mouches ages more slowly than many CdNuits wines.

Nice. We had the 96 on Sunday and it was terrific. Still very fresh and had lots of grip.


Anyone had the '99 D’Angerville Taillepieds lately? I would it to be a bit more advanced than the Clos des Ducs, no?

I find the Taillepieds ages the slowest of all of their wines, but my experience could be atypical. (haven’t had the 99 by the way).

No, but based on a recent note from someone I trust, I’m holding my bottles of Taillepieds until at least 2019/2020.

Thanks for the steer, guys. I’ll leave mine buried in deep storage, I guess.

Well, now that i’ve had time to review my notes, it’s turns out that I had the 99 Taillepieds in March. I thought it was showing pretty well, and mature enough to enjoy at this stage. Go figure.

(I also had the 99 Ducs in October as part of a Ducs vertical and my note is similar to Alan’s. It was one of the more restrained wines, enjoyable but seeming to hold plenty in reserve.)

Thanks Alan - that was much my impression about a month or two ago.
Best, Jim

Fully agree ; my kids will be happy with this one too