TN: 1998 Zind-Humbrecht Riesling, Heimbourg

whoa, the color had me worried for a sec - the deep, amber had me concerned I had held this way too long, this was surely oxidized and over-the-hill, right?

HA! Not even close! Wow, what a wine. First off, definitely not dry. Not sure what the RS is on this one, but no wonder it’s held up so damn well, there is sweetness, but it isn’t overly sweet - perfect for the aperitif for which I opened it. Definitely shows some age on the nose, but with beautiful notes of apricot, orange rind, and minerals. Viscous, yet tense, with great acidity lifting the palate. Coats the mouth, and lingers forever. Very cool wine that I hadn’t visited in years, a real treat!

1998 was a great year at ZH, across the board.