TN: 1998 Jamet Côte Rôtie - stunning

The 1998 Jamet is a stunning example of old school Northern Rhone Syrah, textbook Côte Rotie. Arguably at its apogee, exhibiting considerable tertiary development, this beauty runs the range of being feral, smoky, gamey, and yet floral, with a savoriness of rich beef broth stocked with cured meats, black olives and peppers. Deep core of red fruits, tart, lifted by crisp acid, underscored by a slight green streak. Intensely aromatic, ever-changing nose, medium weight on the palate, with an impeccable balance of these seemingly inapposite elements. A ridiculously harmonious, seamless wine.

Pulled corked, opened for about 30 minutes before dinner and pouring, enjoyed over a 2-hour dinner. Took a solid 20-30 minutes to uncoil, blow off some initial funk and shed some of the bracing acid hitting the front palate on initial taste. Soaring by the time the entrees appeared.

(95 pts.)

Sounds delicious Bobby. Did your dinner guests appreciate it as well?

What guests? I wouldn’t serve this thin weedy herbal stuff to them at a steak house when the menu was stacked with Caymus Silver Oak Plumpjack Prisoner Jordan Hess . . . .

Had me up to “green streak.”

Speaking of which, don’t you read your messages?

Nice. Always more fun to hoard the best stuff and drink it solo. You still serving Chris Manischewitz?

My goodness, I was in the dang shower! You are rushing me like my wife does!

Tell her to close her eyes and think of England.

Great stuff RA. I have fond memories of this wine from about a year ago. Have a few shipping my way courtesy of a board member :slight_smile:

Yup. That was a great bottle. Can’t wait to try it again some day.

LOL OUtstanding !

Yea, I see you digging this, Faryan! I have one more. No need to wait, at prime, just need a reason. Which, of course, can be any reason!

Why do I suspect that this line will be recycled in future Alfert threads?

Thanks for the update. I have a few of these and have not opened one for several years. I guess it’s time. [cheers.gif]

Hard to complain about the 98 in any way, but I’d trade what ever I had of them for the 99.

It makes perfect sense. Didn’t England conquer most of the known world by a certain point?

Agree. Wish someone would do that trade with me!

Jamet just released a fair amount of 1998 from his cellar.
I am pretty sure that this bottle was from that release.

Awesome note. Sounds like an awesome wine.

The 1998 may be close to peak - but if anyone has also 1997 and 1996 in the cellar I´d rather open these …
also fine but perfectly mature …
(and please let the 1999 sit for further years)

It may still have time. I recently opened a 91 Jamet Cote Brune & it was at peak & sublime! As an aside, I purchased it on release for under $50!