TN: 1998 Flowers Porter-Bass Chardonnay

Opened last night, popped and poured. Drank out of Riedel Vinum Montrachet glasses.

My last bottle, and having never found the “Right time” to open it, just opened it with some grilled U10 scallops. My note for the bottle before this indicated that I should “Drink up” and this was back in July 2006.

a rich golden color, some butter, light spic, oak has really integrated, solid acidity and structure, balanced, white Hermitage like, a touch of orange.
Score: A-

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the bottle. Flowers were pretty oaky upon release, but with good fruit. But would they age? And how long is too long for a new Calif Chard. We were all pretty amazed that this not only held up but was drinking well and opened more in the glass as the hours went on. It may have had some slight, very very slight, oxidation, but it added complexity rather than detracting. I actually wish I had more bottles to give another 3-5 years.

It also went very very well with the grilled chilean seabass which was the main course.