TN: 1997 Silver Oak Napa

Popped and poured with Bryan Flannery 16oz NY Strip for Dinner last night.

Very pronounced nose of vanilla and dark fruits and still dark as night. No clue what so ever that the wine was approaching 13 years old. Still fresh and lively on the palate with a good dose (still) of oak and tannin. No real signature bell pepper and greenness…more of the minty/eucalyptus profile with a good dose of cassis, licorice and dark cherry. SO takes a beating for being a vanilla-oak shake, but this bottle with some age on it was very well balanced and a joy to drink with a big fatty steak. I would be a buyer at the release price again.

I wonder when the ‘oakshake’ reputation started - '97 might still have been more of their older style. I’ve had some Silver Oak from the 70’s and 80’s and they were fantastic.

Is the green pepper from a dose of Cab Franc?

Had an '01 Alexander tonight I was less than impressed with. I still have one '97 Napa, may have to revisit that one, thanks for the note.

what was the release price?

One of the more consistent 97’s I have had. Always a pleaser, wish I had more. Excellent example of a well made 97 Cal. cab. Glad to see it is still drinking well. If my memory serves me correctly, the release on this was either $80 or $90 and the Alexander Valley Cab was $60 or $65. Great note , thank you.

John, I want to say that I paid $75 or maybe a bit less.