TN: 1997 Ronchi Di Cialla "Ciallabianco" Friuli

Beautiful nose of ripe pineapple, sea spray, and a lightly oxidative nuttiness that isn’t quite Tondonia Blanco but heading in that direction. On the palate there is some baked pineapple, that reminded of pineapple upside-down cake, baking spice but ground ginger in particular, a touch of salinity, and healthy dose of wet rocks. Wine was very balanced and acidity was moderate. I’ve had the 2016 of this wine twice before, once at the winery in October 2019 and another in Naples a few months later. I’ve picked up some bottles since then but trying a mature version makes me think I should be hands-off for a bit.

Thanks, Brandon. The 2008 is drinking quite well now. The bottles that I’ve opened at around 5 years have been less engaging, so I too think this wine really rewards patience.

Thanks for the TN, Brandon. This would have been made by PaolaRupuzzi, well before he died. Just about the time his Schioppettino was coming online.
One of my very favorite Friuli producers.

Nice Brandon!
For me definitely a wine to put away. Believe something like 10+ Years before the Ciallabianco show its complexity.

Had the 2005 a year or so ago, terrific wine. I recall that the structure and texture was beautiful, along with the salinity you mentioned. That together with elegance, balance and truffle notes.